What are the best moments?

Most of the times the best moments that are captured do not come from a studio or a professional session.  They just happen.  

We just need to have the camera in handy and capture it. You do not need to be an expert photographer to get that special moment. 

Have you ever had a picture that no matter how bad your day goes it will make you smile?  It brings you back that memory, that happy moment, it just makes everything good again.  Odds are is that it is not that wedding picture.  It is very likely it is just that right moment when you tried something new and it is the most embarrassing picture you have.  No makeup, clothes mismatch... you might not even be wearing the right bra.  But who cares, it is the one photo that just makes the day "all good" again. 

Never hesitate to have your camera in handy, do not underestimate the moment, and just snap away!  Sometimes there is no photographer needed. The photo below was taken in a dimly lit restaurant over lunch with some friends. This adorable kid was trying a corn dog for the first time and we captured her first moments trying it. 

Go out, have fun, explore and enjoy and snap away!    

Are we where we should be?

There are times in which you stop your brain from thinking and force it to think even more.  This was not one of those times.  Between Facebook, Twitter, friends text, the paper, and the television news you are overloaded by a diversity of ideas on what is best for our nation.  In this particular case, the safety of our future generations...

Our educators are tasked with not just teaching them on book knowledge, but also guarding, mentoring and lead them to the future.  There is nothing more devastating than reading on your Facebook feed that there have been lives claimed because of a mass shooting. 

What came afterward was much worse, compelling evidence that we as a nation cannot come together to properly mourn the loss of lives and more importantly to keep it from happening again. 

Without getting into politics, I got very pensive about who we are as a nation.  I never paid much attention to US History in school; in fact, it was probably my worst subject in school.  However, I have learned a lot since I moved to the mainland, and what I have learned is that sometimes we must look at our history and learn from it.  I have reflected, and I have thought, and I think it is time to evolve with the changing times.  Gun control is not a political problem; it is a societal and cultural problem. Republicans are right, guns don't kill people, people kill people.  Democrats are right, people with guns that are not mentally healthy can kill people.  What is the common denominator?  The gun... now, where do we start?   

The photo below was my inspiration for this post.  It was taken right outside Savannah at Wormsloe Historic Site. 


Pleasant Surprises

One of the neat things about road trips is the unexpected surprises.  In this instance, I was vacationing in Tallahassee and I was on a mission to see all the panhandle lighthouses.  The mission was accomplished, and they were all amazing, but that was not the highlight of the trip.  An old Ford graveyard was that is owned by the Harvey farm was the highlight. 

Pat Harvey started using this land to let the cars rust in the woods as time passed, the vehicles are all placed in the order they were utilized and the owner is amazed at the attention this has created.  

A perfect photo opportunity I was taking photos for approximately 30 minutes.  I did not pay much attention to the photos once I returned until recently; a local media paper reporting on this property as a "Must See Roadside Attraction in FL," as soon as I got home I opened up the pictures and started color correcting them.  Throughout the process, I realized that the greenery of the woods detracted from the true beauty of the vehicles.  Aged, weathered, inoperable, rusting and worn these cards reminded me that everything has its purpose. 

I then decided to draw subtle attention to just the cars by removing that I deemed "unnecessary" color.  The end result is below.  

John's Pass Village

Regardless of where you live it is very easy to overlook your very own backyard.  We get so busy with our day to day lives that we will forget to just take in our surroundings. We then start dreaming about vacationing in destinations that offer similar experiences to those of our very own backyard.  

I have come across people that have never left their zip code area, and yet wonder if Disney is the biggest and greatest thing that FL has to offer.  I have been lucky enough to be reminded this week that Disney is not the greatest destination in FL.  John's Pass Village is a popular destination that combines some of Florida's best local economy: from budget to fine dining, boat expeditions ranging from dolphin tours to dinner casino cruises, local shops, FL wineries, local taffy, an amazing boardwalk where you can frequently see dolphins and finally a low key casual FL life.  While this may not be the greatest place that FL has to offer it is definitely one of those unique and charming places that has to be on your must-see list. 

Tip: On a budget, then visit DeLosa's Pizza where you can grab a slice of pizza for as little as $2.50. 

Photo: The photo was taken 25 minutes after sunset using a tripod.  

The Boardwalk