What to Expect from AJ?

What type of Photography do you do?

AJ can do a range a photography ranging from newborn pictures, maternity photos, engagement, bridal photos, and sports photography. Do not forget the adorable birthday pictures of your kids and their bouncy house parties!

AJ is a family friendly photographer has even done pet sessions!

What is the cost?

AJ's mission is to make your event memorable and affordable.  As such, his fees usually start at about $275 and it includes a 2.5-hour time commitment.  Weddings carry a premium fee depending on time requirements, travel, and requirements from the bride.  Generally, discounts are offered if engagements, bridal and wedding pictures are booked on the same contract.   

Do you do mini sessions for cheaper?

Yes! AJ will offer mini photography sessions starting at $45 per every 30 minutes. Please contact AJ for more details on this service. 

Do you have limitations?

Yes! And every photographer does.  Being a modestly priced photography AJ mostly does his job as an individual photographer.  As such, large events over a 100 attendees are generally not suited for AJ.   In addition, AJ does not do drone photography or videography.

Do you complete a consultation?

Yes, before taking any new commitments there will be a phone consultation.  AJ will ask a couple of simple questions to get to know the client.  At that point, AJ will determine if he will be able to capture the best possible photography with his existing equipment.  At that point, an agreement is drafted.  After an agreement, there will be three more consultations to ensure all details are covered.  

My friends would like to take many pictures with their phones and own cameras, will AJ be bothered by that?

Absolutely not!!!  The more photos the better.  In addition, AJ takes approximately 48-90 hours to start uploading photos on your own private site, so if you want to social media share you will rely on friends and family to post.  

During the consultation, AJ will determine if you would your personal site to be public or private and if friends can add and contribute their photos. 

You mentioned a website, will I be able to use and download all the photos?

Yes,  after completion of payment you own the rights to the photo.  As such you will have access to the full-size files.  It is recommended that you download them as soon as all the photos are uploaded.  

Have you ever had photos turn out bad?

Yes, AJ, just like any other photographer has had bad days.  AJ tries his best to always express limitations that might have been unforeseen.  At that point, the customer and AJ will determine the next best steps.  This has ranged from re-scheduling, discounts, or full refund.